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In our classes, we prepare the dance tailored to your needs.

If you have a favourite song, we can create a beautiful choreography for that “very special moment” or we can suggest music that will make you look great on the dance floor.

What a surprise to your wedding guests!

The DANCES - Rumba

Romantic, sensual, latin…
What else can we say, the music is beautiful and melodic and when Rumba plays, romance is in the air. A perfect choice if your dance floor is not huge as you will always be close to each other dancing in the middle of the floor, steps and figures with a cadence that always leads you forever to each other.


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Wedding Dance Couple

The DANCES - Waltz

The rise and fall of the steps of this dance will take you around the room as in a dream. No matter the size of your dance floor, you will look elegant, “grande”, graceful: belonging to each other, through music and dance which says more than words.

The DANCES - Viennese Waltz

You need time to learn this dance as it is powerful and very fast. Great control of your body is required but as a couple, you look beautiful. The eyes of your guests will follow you in amazement as you progress around the dance floor with spins, composure and control of the space.

Newly Weds

The DANCES - Social Foxtrot

You have some great music to choose from with this type of dance. Could be cool, lively, romantic, slow, single beat, you choose.

Dynamic figures give the characteristics to the dance that makes you shine like stars around the dance floor.

Also Jive, Tango, Salsa etc.

"John and Mrs Travolta"
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